Crunchwork - 4 Min Read

New: Fast, Complex Reports from Anywhere with Crunchwork

Crunchwork reinvents report writing for the insurance industry: drive speed and compliance with offline mode and collaborative editing.  

Ebony Breen
Marketing Lead
News - 3 Min Read

Codafication builds $30M start-up during COVID-19

PRESS RELEASE: Brisbane's best-kept tech secret, Codafication, started with a $1 million personal investment by co-founders Dan Sandaver and Drew Butler five years ago. As we head further into 2021, Codafication is valued at approximately $30 million, have tripled their staff, and are partners with some of the biggest names in technology such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

Ebony Breen
Marketing Lead
News - 9 Min Read

Introducing Crunchwork - Taking the Crunch Out of Project Management

Five years ago. That’s when Drew and I had the ambitious idea to start a tech company and to create Crunchwork. With no funding...

Daniel Sandaver
Co-Founder, Managing Director
Software Development - 7 Min Read

We Built An App in 2 Weeks, Then Presented it To 1300 People

Back in 2018, Dan and James travelled half-way across the world to “Show & Tell” a slice of Coda’s tech at the Digital Insurance Agenda in Munich in 2019.

Dominique Tuck
Customer Success Officer
Codafication, innovators of Unity, Crunchwork, and Virtual Assist.
Software Development - 3 Min Read
CPS 234 no barrier to insurance embracing cloud and open source software The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)'s Prudential Standard C…
James Pepplinkhouse
Chief Technology Officer