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Crunchwork reinvents report writing for the insurance industry: drive speed and compliance with offline mode and collaborative editing.  

There’s no room for error in reporting. But when your report includes over a hundred buildings - and endless people are contributing to it from the office or the field - reporting quickly becomes a version control and accuracy nightmare. 

You already know that when reporting is simplified, you can work faster. You can deliver higher quality work and make your customers happy. The dream, right? Punching out a report should feel like a wave of relief, not a tension headache. Especially in insurance, where precise reporting is crucial to compliance.   

That’s why we’ve updated Crunchwork’s Report Writer module.  

We’re introducing three major improvements:

  1. Offline Mode
  2. Collaborative Editing
  3. Track Changes

Now, it’s even easier to collaborate on giant reports across multiple assets and locations.   

What is Report Writer?  

Report Writer is a module within our end-to-end job and project management platform, Crunchwork. Report Writer is your one-stop-shop for insurers and their supply chains to create, complete, and send technical reports quickly and compliantly. Report Writer can pull data, rich media, documents, assets, and third-party information, into one place so you can publish bespoke reports. Unlike your regular reporting tools, Report Writer is smart enough and robust enough to create complex reports for large enterprises.  

Offline Mode  

With Offline Mode, you can work on your reports even when you don’t have reliable internet access. This guarantees that any changes you make while you’re offline will automatically sync the next time you’re connected to the internet. Now, you and your team can jump in and edit different parts of the same document no matter where you are.  

Cache the reports you're working on for offline access. Any changes you make will be synced once you're reconnected to the internet. 


Collaborative Editing 

Bring your stakeholders together; work on the one document, in the one place. Crunchwork’s Report Writer enables multiple users to edit the same report in real-time. It's effortless compliance across your company’s workflow.  

Track Changes 

To ensure Collaborative Editing and Offline Mode updates are stress-free, we’re also introducing Track Changes. This feature allows you to identify any conflict in the document while you’re all working on it. It makes it easy to keep an eye on who changed what and when.

It’s simple to resolve conflicts, review changes, see the document’s history, and leave comments for your colleagues. And you can track changes for any media type, including tables or images. 

Review comments, changes, and conflicts in Report Writer.


You can also control what changes are approved or rejected with permissions. If multiple people suggest changes, the manager can choose which of those changes are merged into the master content. It’s foolproof, automatic corporate governance across your reporting.

With permissions, managers can choose which changes are accepted into the master report.


Track Changes also stores a clear “revision history” in our database (like a snapshot of old versions of the document) so you can reference previous versions as needed. This way, it’s quick and easy to see the history of changes made per field. A verifiable, auditable history at your fingertips.  

If you're a Crunchwork customer with questions about our Report Writer updates, check in with your friendly Codafication Customer Success Officer. Click here to pop them an e-mail. 

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