[Press Release] Brisbane Tech Start-ups Codafication and FloodMapp join forces

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Brisbane Tech Startups Codafication and FloodMapp join forces to assist the process of insurance claims in Australia’s biggest claim in history 

March 2022, Australia – Two Brisbane tech start-ups Codafication and FloodMapp have joined forces to offer Insurers real-time automation, visual mapping and increased efficiency in claim triaging on flood claims amid the catastrophic 2022 Southeast Queensland and New South Wales Flood crisis.  

Recently declared as a national emergency by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the recent Flood crisis looks to be Australia’s biggest flood claim in history, currently tracking at 118,016 reported claims and expectations to reach $1.77 billion according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA).

FloodMapp’s PostCast data is being integrated in Codafication’s platform, Crunchwork, the end-to-end cloud-based business and project management software designed to save insurers time and money across the entire claim lifecycle. The integration with FloodMapp provides a visual map of where claims are in relation to floodwater for triage teams to efficiently pinpoint and prioritise high-risk claims. In essence, combining these two powerful technologies provides clearer insights for faster triaging and assessment capabilities, prompt emergency response assessors and efficient resource allocation to the right claims. This means faster response times for vulnerable Australians, prevention of health impacts from flood water damage like mould, plus time and money saved for insurers.  

Crunchwork automates up to 80 percent of daily tasks, has an uptime of 99.99 percent and reduces the claim lifecycle by up to two weeks. Powerful and agile, the solution is built to easily connect and work with integrations like FloodMapp quickly and efficiently – which is critical during a period of disaster such as the current floods.  

FloodMapp specialises in rapid real-time flood forecasting and flood inundation mapping to provide greater warning time that can potentially save lives and reduce damage and associated financial losses. While traditional weather and flood decisions are based on satellite imagery, FloodMapp’s modelling is powered by ground breaking technology that provides deeper context for accurate forecasting. This includes insights on what a flood will look like on the ground, how much rainfall is forecasted, how much has already fallen, elevation, terrain and real-time automation and sensor data from river levels. This enables experts to know the maximum extent and intensity of the flood at scale to support preparation, response and recovery.

Daniel Sandaver, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Codafication, the company behind Crunchwork said, “It’s been fantastic to see how the integration between FloodMapp and Crunchwork has had such a positive impact on triaging the claims that have resulted from the floods. This is an incredibly intense time for insurers and the supply chain, so being able to make informed decisions that will reduce the long-term impact of this damage is really encouraging.”  

Juliette Murphy, CEO, FloodMapp said “Working with Crunchwork during this recent flood event demonstrated how FloodMapp can play a vital part in post-flood recovery. Our situational intelligence allows insurers to see what has happened before, during and immediately after flooding, providing a more comprehensive picture, and helping them to assess claims quickly, safely and accurately. We are proud to work with Crunchwork to bring these insights to hand at times of greatest need.”

Currently, Crunchwork and FloodMapp is being used in pilot by the construction company Australian Building & Construction Group to handle claims on behalf of Suncorp, IAG, Youi and QBE. The success they have in effectively triaging claims will produce better results for the insurance companies.

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