Case Study: Virtual Assist Enables Suncorp's Fast Storm Recovery

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Suncorp first embraced Virtual Assist, a virtual claims assessment tool, during COVID-19. The technology has since been permanently deployed by Suncorp Insurance to strengthen its recovery efforts following a severe weather event.

Codafication's Virtual Assist empowered Suncorp to continue to progress claims quickly and safely amidst social distancing and lockdown requirements. Now, Virtual Assist is a permanent way to process claims faster for Suncorp Insurance customers.

New technology enabling national support for local recovery, video via Suncorp

“When COVID-19 first became a reality in Australia, many customers were still recovering from devastating bushfires and hailstorms,” said Cath Stewart, Suncorp Head of Disaster Response and Event Claims. 

“The virtual assessment technology allowed us to progress claims and support customers while abiding by social restrictions and lock down measures.”

Virtual Assist allows assessors, based anywhere across the country, to connect with customers via their smartphone or digital device to assess the damage of their claim.

Unlike other virtual assessment solutions, there's no app, download, or log-in required. The connection is completely secure. 

For large scale events, such as the recent hailstorms in Queensland, Virtual Assist allowed Suncorp assessors based in NSW, Victoria, and South Australia, to work with builders on the ground in Brisbane to assess damage in real time.

Virtual assessments have allowed us to quickly scale up our team and kept things moving for our customers. Following the recent severe hailstorm in Brisbane around a third of home assessments have been completed virtually and the feedback from customers has been really positive. 

Cath StewartSuncorp Head of Disaster Response and Event Claims

“Every year we refine and improve the way we support customers following natural disasters, and this year has been no exception," said Cath. "COVID-19 forced us to think differently and respond quickly to support our customers, and virtual assessments will remain a key element of how we respond in the future.”

You can read Suncorp’s original article on virtual assessments here. 


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