Case Study: Virtual Assist Helps Suncorp Keep Claims Moving During COVID-19

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Brisbane software start-up, Codafication, empowers leading insurers such as Suncorp to process claims remotely with their video-streaming tool Virtual Assist.

BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia — May 27, 2020 — Virtual Assist is becoming the new industry standard for Australia and New Zealand’s largest insurers, as Suncorp implement the video-streaming technology to process claims remotely during COVID-19.

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) declared the pandemic an “insurance catastrophe” in March. As an essential service, insurers now face the challenge of processing claims while following social-distancing and shutdown rules.


Suncorp has fast-tracked several digital solutions to ensure it can continue to resolve insurance claims quickly. This includes engaging local insurtech offering Virtual Assist, a flagship product of Brisbane tech scale-up Codafication. Virtual Assist allows insurers to process claims remotely to guarantee the safety of staff and customers.

“Suncorp is one of the big insurers transforming the industry using our technology,” said Daniel Sandaver, Managing Director of Codafication.

“A lot of the challenger brands are following suit, indicating that Virtual Assist is rapidly becoming the insurance industry standard in Australia and New Zealand.”


With Virtual Assist, the insurer simply texts or e-mails the customer a link that transforms the customer’s phone into a high-definition video, voice, and image capture tool. The insurer can see exactly what the customer sees to help them in real-time. It incorporates thorough risk assessments to ensure the customer’s safety before use and allows for multiple parties to participate in the assessment, such as builders, engineers, or other specialists.

Mr Sandaver said that optimising the up-front triage in the claims process drives better outcomes for the insurance customer.

“We’re seeing drastic reductions in the claim process lifecycle, by up to 2 weeks in a lot of cases,” Mr Sandaver said. “Our clients also consistently achieve 9+ Net Promoter Scores across their customer base when using Virtual Assist.”

Virtual Assist is projected to process over 200,000 insurance claims annually and can integrate into a business in as little as a couple of hours. It is being utilised across all insurance claim types, including contents, motor, and property.

Codafication’s Virtual Assist is currently helping clients to fast-track digital transformation across insurance, construction, property valuations, utilities, routine rental inspections, and more.

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Codafication is a globally awarded digital services and software company. They are the gutsy, big-hearted game-changers of digital transformation. Based in Brisbane, Australia, they empower their clients to save time and money through cloud-based software that makes the world simpler. Their innovative solutions, Crunchwork, Unity Cloud, and Virtual Assist, are secure, scalable, and industry agnostic.

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