Virtual Assist gives clients eyes on site with high resolution image capture

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It’s challenging to accurately assess damage on a phone call and site visits waste precious time and resources. Virtual Assist allows teams to see what is happening on-site in real-time with secure, high-definition video streaming and image capture.

Enable your team to instantly connect with customers or subcontractors in the field to provide help, assess damage, verify work, or complete site inspections all without leaving their desk. 

Unlike traditional video streaming solutions, Virtual Assist is equipped with enterprise-grade data security and does not require the person on-site to download any app on their phone.  

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How does it work?  

  1. Send SMS - Connecting is fast. Just set up your session with a phone number or email; and hit send. A link will be sent to the other party.
  2. Open Link - The other party clicks on the link to establish the video-streaming connection. Our technology is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
  3. Capture Video & Images - Safely stream video content and capture high resolution photos as if you were on site.  

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Virtual Assist - no app downloads, just fast easy video streaming.

The benefits of Virtual Assist

  • Improve customer service and performance scorecards by providing instant support and triage to allocate the best next step.  
  • Reduce travel time and costs by reducing the need for site visits.  
  • Mitigate risk and increase site safety by allowing teams to assess damage or potential hazards remotely.  
  • Support your subcontractors when they are assessing damage on your behalf.  
  • Valiate variations or work being completed by trades, ensuring quality and efficiency.  
  • Capture the damage and condition of the property before you attend site to mitigate contentious conversations later.  
  • Enable the use of a distributed workforce in CAT events, making it easier to coordinate and manage resources in emergency situations.  
  • The technology is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of customers.  
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Case Studies and Success Stories 

Here are some case studies and success stories highlighting the effectiveness of Virtual Assist: 

Suncorp - Suncorp first embraced Virtual Assist, a virtual claims assessment tool, during COVID-19. The technology has since been permanently deployed by Suncorp Insurance to strengthen its recovery efforts following a severe weather event.  

Urban Utilities - Urban Utilities engaged Codafication to utilise their real-time video streaming platform, Virtual Assist. Virtual Assist allows Urban Utilities to connect to a customer and see what the customer see’s in real-time. To connect with a customer, it’s as simple as sending a text and clicking on a link. 

Empower your team to connect with customers or staff in the field through any smart device, no app required. Triage issues or complete assessments swiftly, safely, and securely, without wasting time and money on travel. Designed for simplicity, Virtual Assist consistently achieves a 9.5+/10 Customer Satisfaction Score. 

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Bryn McKay
COO of Codafication