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Crunchwork was born out of frustration with expensive and clunky enterprise systems or the alternative option of running multiple and often disconnected platforms. Crunchwork is the project management ecosystem with all the power, but none of the clunk! We are proud to introduce our newest feature, Asset Manager! An all-in-one, centralised solution for companies to manage the warehousing, deployment and invoicing of their assets.

One platform to drive better projects, happier clients, more jobs, and greater profits. Manage everything, from everywhere..

Why did we create Asset Manager?

Asset Manager is the latest application in the Crunchwork suite of app’s and was created in response to industry feedback that there was a gap in the market. The gap was an end-to-end business and project management solution with asset management that had enterprise grade automation and security.

“Asset Manager simplifies deployments using QR code scanning from mobile devices and our pricing catalogue and workflow system automates billing and status reminders for the supervisor.” - Bryn McKay, COO of Codafication.

We understand firsthand the problems that insurers, restorers, and builders face with tracking, and managing assets. Asset Manager solves these problems and provides a solution to streamline and automate the process.

What sets Asset Manager apart?

The value proposition of Asset Manager is the centralisation of this functionality within the broader Crunchwork project management suite, and its API connection to finance systems such as Xero and NetSuite.

Clients prior to launching Asset Manager would run separate project, asset and finance systems causing an uplift of manual administration and reducing the quality and optimisation of their services.

Once an asset is QR code scanned onto a site against a job in Crunchwork, the timer starts for billing with specific rates to region and client, and depending on the project plan, invoicing can be automated or reminded to the supervisor. These guardrails and automation reduce administration time and ensure accurate service delivery and cost management.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Asset Manager integrates with our internal analytics platform and Microsoft PowerBI so clients gain detailed insights into their asset data and performance analytics. Clients using Asset Manager can now report on asset usage, performance, tenure, and profitability.

The Key Features of Asset Manager are:

  • Asset warehousing and deployment by zone/region
  • Integration with our Crunchwork project platform and connected finance systems
  • Simple view of asset collections and available assets by zone, client and, project type
  • QR Code scan in and out assets from the warehouse to the field
  • Automated reminders of assets on site past booking end dates
  • Automated reminders of asset deployments to be invoiced
  • Upload invoices, manuals and images with automated reminders for maintenance

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Bryn McKay
COO of Codafication