New Vs. Old: Taking field reporting to the next level

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Here at Codafication, we recognise the challenges faced by the insurance industry in sourcing high-quality damage inspection reports from third-party contractors. 

Recently as stated by the General Insurance Code Governance Committee“too many insurers are relying on maintenance or wear and tear exclusions and poor-quality reports from builders, plumbers and electricians to deny claims,” stated in a recent report: Making Better Claims Decisions. 

Out of 42,956 home insurance claims denied, there were 10,903 complaints with 5108 being resolved upon review, in favour of the customer. That is almost half of the complaints which is a direct result of insurers' reliance on builders, plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople’s reporting methods, (Insurance News, July 2023). 

We believe that technology can drive more accurate and compliance site reporting resulting in better claim outcomes for both insurer and customer. 

That is why we built Report Writer, a module that is part of the Crunchwork platform - a cutting-edge, mobile-first Software-as-a-Service application that is purpose-built for field service teams to generate accurate, consistent, and simple-to-read reports from site.

With our innovative technology, say goodbye to the old-fashioned unstructured data and embrace a new era of efficient and accurate reporting in a data-led solution.

Report Writer empowers your team to seamlessly navigate through the complexities of on-site inspections, ensuring that every decision made is precise and every outcome is accurately assessed. 

By utilising our state-of-the-art solution, you can enhance the overall experience for your users and drive better results for clients. Don't let outdated processes hinder your progress any longer. Embrace the power of Report Writer and revolutionise the way your site inspection resources generate reports. 

Key features include:  

  • Snippets - The 'snippets' feature of Report Writer provides users with a categorised library of content such as Australian Standards, National Construction Codes, and PDS (Product Disclosure Statements) wording at their fingertips for simple insertion. Snippets streamline the report production process and drive accuracy and consistency across your business. Asset Manager - QR Code
  • UI Designer - enables clients to completely customise the report layout and design including branding, headers, and footers with an easy-to-use Drag and Drop component library. 
  • Conditional Logic - control the flow and content of report production using if/then conditional logic to customise question sets and ensure you get the right content in your reports. 
  • Collaborative editing - users in the office can see edits made from site. Multiple users from separate regions can access and collaborate on the report together. 
  • Merge management - with this feature, multiple stakeholders can collaborate on documents, making edits and changes simultaneously without overwriting any information.
  • Quality Control - individuals and teams can be restrained from publishing reports unless the report has been reviewed and approved by a manager. Managers can mark up report sections with feedback for the author.  
  • Version control - once a report is published, it cannot be changed. Revisions can be made to ensure a compliant audit trail.  
  • Offline mode - the ability to work in the field when reception or wifi is unavailable.
  • Image annotation - Report Writer enables users to annotate images with text and shapes to highlight areas of damage. 
  • Analytics - Report Writer integrates with the Crunchwork Analytics Application and with PowerBI so you can run reports on data fields such as Mould and other hazard identification. 

From simple to complex, Report Writer is an industry-leading application to generate complex but easy-to-read reports for submission from site. 

Ready to see Crunchwork in action?
Bryn McKay
COO of Codafication