Risk Survey Reporting For Insurance Carriers Made Easy

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To maintain a competitive edge in the market, insurance companies must embrace the digital transformation of underwriting. This can be accomplished by automating monotonous tasks and providing their teams with state-of-the-art technologies and groundbreaking data sources.

By doing so, underwriting professionals can unlock unparalleled levels of value, exceeding even the loftiest of expectations. 

Our Report Writer feature says what it does on the box - structures complex report writing with one-click selections or structured decision logic. With smart conditional forms, Report Writer enables the user to author complex reports based on inputs from the field. It then structures this information into easy-to-understand PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint outputs which can be sent to the consumer or to other internal teams.  

Version control, collaborative editing, and secure publishing workflow features all ensure the appropriate checks and balances are in place before formal artifacts are created and sent to customers.  

Teams using Report Writer are put on 'guardrails' when creating complex reports, ensuring the correct language and outcome is achieved. 

Report Writer simplifies the process of capturing and annotating images on any modern mobile or tablet device, facilitating seamless communication with the insurer or base to visually review the inspections conducted.  

Every modification, alteration, update, or removal is meticulously recorded in a comprehensive log that serves as a reliable resource for conducting thorough quality audits and training new team members. 

Furthermore, every field within the Report Writer can be effortlessly displayed on our robust GraphAPI, which allows for seamless exploration of datasets, models, and additional workflow controls. This invaluable integration can seamlessly merge into your existing platform or technology stack, enhancing its capabilities to new heights. 

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Report Writers ‘Calculations’ feature eliminates manual computations and reduces human error by enhancing efficiency and accuracy for your users.

Report Writer, users can employ Excel-like formulas for automatic, real-time field computations as they complete reports. This functionality streamlines processes by accurately calculating and integrating critical figures such as total sum insured, reinstatement value, replacement estimates, and inflationary provisions directly into reports, negating the need for external calculations.

With the needle on compliance moving, aging systems are no longer relevant. It is crucial that all insurers meet their obligations across all claims in the supply chain. With Report Writer, users gain full visibility into the entire history of claimants and have the ability to effortlessly convert, generate, and share reports. 

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Daniel Sandaver
Managing Director and Co-Founder of Codafication, the creators of Crunchwork, Unity, and Virtual Assist.