Our new way of working

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In the new world (post-pandemic) the working economy has changed. Codafication wants to embrace a completely new way of how we engage with our team members, clients, and, suppliers now and into the future. 

We rethought our company approach to physical work locations and wanted to embrace a new collaborative way of solving problems - especially as we’re focused on tackling industry problems. 

Codafication's mission is ‘Pioneering new ways to make the world simpler’ and we do this by building elegant solutions to complex problems. 

Focused firstly on tackling the insurance industry claim process and how field teams work we are approaching this challenge with digitisation and simplification through platform tools, automation, and AI.  

To set out on this journey we wanted to redesign a workspace that would encourage not only our teams to focus and hone their energy but also the ability to interconnect our clients (being insurers), their suppliers, and contractors (the supply chain) but also competitors and challenges to the industry who we could work alongside. 

Codafication is tackling multiple problem statements within the industry, around legacy systems, data quality, and workflow outcomes that improve the customer experience at the core of the problem. 

We set out to design a space that was open, but also secure, that was flexible in how it is used while remaining structured in its separation to allow for the correct type of ways of working while respecting the nature of the industry and privacy that is required for competition. 

Our ways of working philosophy have been tested and proven to work and we see it on a daily basis! 

In the office, we regularly host clients to meet, discuss and collaborate on our technologies and develop custom solutions to solve their pressure points. These projects are delivered in siloed teams to maintain client privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual property (if applicable).

We also host clients for collective conversations and projects, some of these clients are in competition with each other, however, we work past those barriers to discuss and collaborate on industry-wide challenges so we can ensure our future roadmap of innovation is always adding value.

For our people who work effortlessly behind the scenes tackling our product build or client configurations – we wanted to design a space that could be used in a hot desk nature, but also allow for reserving dedicated spaces for when teams come together. We used remote virtual desk management software and swipe access technology to gain access to the space and the appropriate work areas. We also foster a flexible, secure hybrid work environment that allows people to take advantage of home office and our HQ office location. 

Teams who work together, eat together, and drink together solve challenges more effectively together! Taking this onboard we sourced our new office Head Quarters in Fortitude Valley which is in the heart of the James St precinct.  

We chose this beautiful location as its close to the bustling James St area which offers world-class eateries, restaurants, and six-star accommodation. We wanted to embrace this part of Brisbane, as we think it’s unique and offers daytime and night-time benefits to our staff and clients. We love seeing our clients stay at the Calile and walk 50 meters to our office, then we can share a meal with them after all the hard work is done at one of the many local restaurants (such as SKs or Sushi Room). 

Attracting the right talent has always been part of our philosophy, and being central to Brisbane’s CBD, with close access to transport and living hubs helps bring the best diverse mix of people to our team. 

Our new office location sprawls over 1,400+ square meters and has a shared marketplace, outdoor eating, indoor café, and break-out workspaces. It also has creature comforts such as table tennis, kombucha on tap, beer on tap for an after-hours wind-down or celebrations, and catering facilities. The space can be transformed by large industrial glass sliding/opening doors allowing fresh air and expansive areas for entertaining. 

Pioneering new ways to make the world simpler.
Daniel Sandaver
Managing Director and Co-Founder of Codafication, the creators of Crunchwork, Unity, and Virtual Assist.